We think that a different approach to skincare is possible. In a modern world which increasingly lacks harmony, we invite you to turn to Nature to heal us. That’s why the products we have developed for you are intentional and functional. We are an independently owned business, producing hand-blended, small batch products from our studio in London. We have ethically sourced the highest quality botanical ingredients from near and far and consulted with experts in the fields of natural perfumery and aromatherapy. We use delicate essential-oil blends that sink into the skin and through the olfactory system to do their job. 

Bourii draws on ancient practises to achieve skin health while working towards being part of a more sustainable, soulful and healthy future. 

We take your skin seriously but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’re the free-spirited, plant loving, sun-gazing, moon-worshipping cosmic beings and we’re here to share our Bourii world with you.



Each breath you take is life force spreading throughout your body bringing balance and peace.

Start your journey towards balance through your breath.


Breathwork helps us with our physical, emotional and mental state, and is an effective ritual for reducing stress response by connecting with ourselves and the natural world.

Mindful, deep breathwork provides oxygenation in the body which allows the mitochondria to provide energy to our cells to regenerate, leaving skin healthier and more glowing.

We believe that practicing breathing exercises as part of your ritual with Bourii Body Oils can have a bigger impact for skin and soul health.

Experience more layers of calm or vitality by connecting your breathwork with the delicate essential oil blends of Vata Body Oil, Pitta Body Oil, or Kapha Body Oil. Gentle on the senses, potent on the mind, body and soul.

Nadi Shodhana
Alternate Nostril Breathwork
To balance Vata Dosha. Can be used alongside Vata Body Oil.
Cooling Breathwork
To balance Pitta Dosha. Can be used alongside Pitta Body Oil.
Bellows Breathwork
To balance Kapha Dosha. Can be used alongside Kapha Body Oil.