Frequently asked Questions

Yes, we use cold pressed and raw ingredients that are nutrient dense and certified organic by COSMOS and the Soil Association.

Yes, all our products are 100% plant based and cruelty free.

Bourii’s oil-based formulations contain a natural antioxidant called Tocopherol (Vitamin E).

Yes, we source in an environmentally and socially responsible way and all our suppliers work closely with local communities.

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All our products are formulated, hand-blended and packed in our London studio. Alongside UK and EU regulations, all our formulations are safety assessed and certified by an external chemist. Our manufacturing complies with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and every product is logged and tracked on UK and EU portals.

We recommend to keep the lid tightly closed and store your products in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight, to protect the antioxidant potency of our cold-pressed oils.

All of our products have a 12-month shelf life. We only use naturally preserving oils such as vitamin E, instead of harmful parabens that can mimic the activity of oestrogen in the body's cells.

All of our products have been designed for recycling and are plastic free. Our refill pouches are designed to biodegrade and all materials are food-safety certified and so are suitable for cosmetics. They are also tested for eco-toxicity and marine safety.

Yes, all our bottles are designed to be refillable and there is an option to purchase a refill on our product page.

All our oils follow IFRA (The International Fragrance Association) guidelines for essential oil dermal limits and we choose to include a content well below dermal limits for reasons of sustainability and skin sensitivity. However, we believe using essential oils while pregnant or breastfeeding is a personal choice and depends on your views towards essential oils. Please contact us at if you require any specific information or seek medical advice from your doctor.

Our products are safe for use on the face but have been formulated for daily use on the body, cleansing the face and nourishing the hair.

Our unique fragrance blends are made using Ayurvedic principles so they are subtle but have a deep effect. There's just enough scent for it to travel through the olfactory system and take effect on the mood and skin, but our oils are not overly perfumed like many others on the market. We’ve taken a delicate touch as we want you to reach for these oils and get the benefits of them regardless of how you feel like smelling that day.

From a sustainability point of view, it's also better to only add what's necessary to experience the benefits of the extract. It takes 8000 rose flowers to make 5ml of essential oil so we are always mindful of that and prefer to only use essential oils in atherapeutic way.

While you have one dosha that is most dominant for you, all of the doshas are present in your skin, just in different proportions. This means that you will always experience benefits from using any of our body oils. 

While the constitutional makeup of your doshas doesn’t change, you may experience symptoms or issues that align with any one of the doshas due to external influences such as climate, season, phase of life, lifestyle, daily habits etc.  For instance, your skin may experience excess vata in winter with dry, flaky skin, while pitta issues may arise in summer with skin irritation and redness. 

You can use our multipurpose oils interchangeably depending on which part of your doshic energy is presenting an imbalance at that time. 

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Our range include products that suit all skin types which you’ll find on our product page. If you would like more information about skin types or your doshas, feel free to drop us a message at or DM us on Instagram. Our team will get back to you with personalised recommendations.

Breathwork is something we can all include in our lives and has a number of benefits but there are a few contraindications that you can find below:

Alternate Nostril Breathwork – Seek medical advice if you have high blood pressure or are pregnant for breath holding exercises.

Sheetali Breathwork – Seek medical advice if you suffer from Asthma, colds and congestion due to the cooling nature of this practice.

Bellows Breathwork – Seek medical advice if you are pregnant, epileptic or suffer from seizures due to this being an energetic practice.

All our orders are trackable and once you place an order you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number.

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