Free-spirited, Ancestrally rooted.
Botanical skincare for the body and soul.


Three unique multipurpose body oils. Crafted with purpose to honour Ayurvedic science and redefine ancient beauty rituals for the present moment.

Vata, Pitta, or Kapha – each of Bourii’s plant-powered potions call on the healing power of botanicals to balance vital energy and nourish the senses as well as your skin.

Grounding Vata Body Oil
Regenerate – Nourish – Hydrate
Calming Pitta Body Oil
Soothe – Relieve – Balance
Energising Kapha Body Oil
Brighten – Detox – Restore

Vata, Pitta or Kapha?

Your dosha is your unique mind-body-soul blueprint. Choose one of the three doshas below that most closely describes you and your skin.


Character: High energy, creative, very sociable, like to feel free.

Excess Vata: anxiousness, panic attacks, insomnia, feeling cold easily, forgetfulness.

Skin imbalance: dry,  flaky, dehydrated, rough to touch, fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, eczema.

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Character: Hardworking, driven. Loves the good things in life. Make excellent leaders.

Excess Pitta: quick to anger, ulcers, migraines, painful periods, disturbing dreams, self-critical, controlling.

Skin imbalance: sensitive, inflammation, acne, redness, psoriasis, rosacea, sweaty, dark spots.

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Character: Calm, gentle, stable, patient and nurturing.

Excess Kapha: difficulty letting go, lacks motivation, holds on to emotions, feelings of heaviness & overwhelm.

Skin imbalance: oily / combination, dull, congested, blackheads and breakouts, large pores.

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Our unique body care formulations are based on holistic remedies inspired by ancient Ayurvedic philosophies.
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Our journal takes you on an exploration into restorative rituals, conversations that inspire, and new systems for living a life in balance.
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Inspired by Ayurvedic principles and the healing power of plants, we believe in inner peace as the key to outer beauty.  

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Our commitments

Bourii is a member of 1% for the Planet and we commit to giving 1% of gross sales each year to approved environmental partners through a variety of support.

Bourii supports the Multiple Sclerosis Society.