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Rituals for the Senses - Gift Set

Discover our Bourii ritual set this holiday season for a limited period. A perfect gift of three hand-blended ritual oils to experience moments of grounding, calming and uplifting, balancing the doshas while also nourish and moisturising the skin.

Our multipurpose oils can be used as a hair oil, facial cleanser, beard oil, body oil, bath oil and aromatherapy pulse point oil.

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Hand-blended using ancient Ayurvedic principles. Organic, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Aluminum Cap
Key Ingredients
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Multi-purpose - hair oil, beard oil, facial cleanser, body oil, bathing oil.

Apply oil to pulse points and inhale scent deeply. Observe the notes as they arise and notice the effects. Taking just a few minutes a day of quiet observation aides us in reducing stress and finding balance.

Pour a small amount of oil between palms, rub hands together to warm the oil and cup nose and mouth. Take a deep breath in through nose, and breath out from mouth, releasing tension from body.

After a shower or bath, take time to smooth oil over your arms and legs in deep strokes, massaging in circles over your joints, and on your tummy and chest in clockwise motions. Best applied on clean, damp skin to lock in moisture. 

For extra bliss, relax for five to ten minutes. Breathe in, breathe out, and let the oil do the rest.

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All our products are hand-blended using raw ingredients. As their colour and scent continuously change slightly due to the cycles of their natural environment, small variations should be considered part of the character.

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